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Looking for a Kratom vendor? Avoid these common mistakes…

In today’s article, we will be examining the online world of kratom. Over the last several years, kratom has risen to fame, and there are now millions upon millions of users scattered across the length and breadth of the planet.

In this piece, we will examine seven areas that all those who are buying kratom should pay attention to.

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1) Inadequate Research: If you’ve stumbled across this blog post then you’re no doubt seeking to purchase Kratom. When initiating the search for products I’d hazard a guess that you went straight to Google and searched for something akin to (if not precisely) “buy kratom online”, right? Well, that’s a great start, but before you dive head-first into result number one and swiftly click the ‘add to cart’ button, we suggest you take a little step back to acquaint yourself with kratom and the kratom market both online and offline.

We suggest carrying out due diligence in the following areas:

– The various veins and strains available and their effects.

– The most appropriate strain for you (different strains have different effects).

– Reviews of the particular strain type you’re interested in.

– Reviews of potential vendors.

Once you’ve spent a modest amount of time garnering the above information, we recommend you peruse several vendors before finally committing to a purchase. Take into account pricing, shipping charges, delivery timeframe and customer service (in addition to the above points).

2) User experience(s): Although it is easy to view the consumption of kratom as an individual experience, there is a vast community of kratom users out there (on Reddit for example) that share their experiences with each other. Our advice? Utilise the wealth of knowledge and expertise that exists on such communities as Reddit and other online forums – particularly if you’re a newcomer to the world of kratom. If you’re unsure about which strain might be the best choice for you, then you can ask for others’ advice. Perhaps you’re worried about side effects – get the feedback of others to quell your fretting mind.

You’ve heard the saying “two heads are better than one”, well, this is very true – and even more so when you’ve got millions of heads dedicated to one topic, i.e. kratom usage.

3) Being a sucker for marketing spiel: We see this one far too often, and this is something we’d love to help everyone purchasing kratom avoid. Kratom is a contentious compound; therefore, there will always be ‘interesting’ and possibly questionable advertising and marketing materials floating around to promote it and its usage. When searching for kratom vendors, you need to have your Mr/Mrs sensible, logical head well and truly screwed on. Ignore spurious claims related to safety and the effects a kratom strain may have. Instead, focus purely on the quality of the product, the reviews it and its vendor has and whether or not it is reasonably priced (compared to equivalent strains and vendors). Purchasing from a seller who actually values their customers is paramount; therefore, we highly advise locating a vendor that is both ethical and moral too.

4) Lab results: We’re happy to admit that buying kratom online can be a minefield. Due to the FDA’s current stance on the compound, it is solely down the vendors alone to regulate the products they are selling (and, in effect, the industry as a whole). And although the majority of sellers are both legitimate and trustworthy, there will always be unscrupulous vendors that will take advantage of the fact that the sale of kratom is unregulated and sell under-dosed or even fake products.

However, it gets worse. In 2018, several hundred kratom users were infected with salmonella thanks to kratom that had (somehow) been infected with the infection. This – as you can imagine – hit the kratom industry hard, and soon after many kratom sellers started having all of their wares tested and the results published online to show both their transparency and authenticity.

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5) Paying the right price: This is something else we see a lot of within the online kratom market. Kratom itself isn’t cheap; therefore, most buyers will be looking to save money. Although the adage ‘you get what you pay for’ almost always rings true, there are many instances where it doesn’t, and this can be the case where kratom is concerned also. When you see higher-than-normal prices it is for one of two reason – either the strain is of exceptional quality (and potency) and is deserving of its higher price tag, or the price has been inflated by a vendor who has used a middleman to purchase their wholesale kratom from. Obviously, the latter is something you want to avoid, and can really only be achieved through thorough research into strains, vendors, prices etc.

Conversely, paying too little for kratom can also cause issues.

I’ll quote another saying here: ‘If something looks too good to be true, then it probably is’. Again, this can be the case when purchasing kratom.

Some vendors may try to take advantage of the fact that kratom can be expensive by offering cut-price products that are less expensive than their rivals. If you see a product that looks a lot cheaper than it is being offered for elsewhere then be wary of this. As we’ve stated above, although most vendors are genuine, there will always be those that aren’t. Carrying out comprehensive research (as per point number one) is vital if you are to avoid being scammed by underhand sellers.

…and there you have it, folks – our guide to avoiding common mistakes when buying kratom. Sure, it may seem a fairly lengthy and effort-requiring process, but it is needed if you are to select the most appropriate strain of kratom; choose the right vendor, and avoid those deceitful sellers who should be avoided at all costs.

We hope you have found this article informative. Please let us know what you think.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!