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If you’ve clicked through to this page then you’re no doubt wondering who we are and what the site is about, so, as we’re fans of transparency and honesty, we’ll address these two questions in as much detail as possible.

Who are we? Matthew and Luke (hello!). We’ve both had a passion for sports, health and fitness since our teens, and over the last 15+ years, we’ve amassed a substantial amount of knowledge regarding pretty much anything and everything within this niche. While we’re not going to claim that we’re two infallible gurus, we’re do know what we’re talking about!

Why have we created ealingipat.co.uk? It’s simple really – we wanted to share our knowledge and provide factual and accurate information to those who are seeking it. You’ll not find any hyperbole or unsubstantiated claims here – only facts backed up by real science.

If you’d like to know more then feel free to contact us using the form on the contact page here or alternatively email us at hello@ealingiapt.co.uk.

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